Saturday, October 06, 2007

last day of school

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thank you =)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


hehehehe sorry i'm not gonna post it here =P so check ur emails to find it =)) i think its wonderfully done! thanks andrew for helping to come up wif poem, and thanks justina for putting it together, and thanks all who helped me scavenge for photos =D yay i think it rocks!!
everyone go thank justina!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

heavenly classroom A66

today we had chem tutorial in A66. its the best classroom i've seen. in cherynann's words, you get to sit beside lee hom in chem! well and Jay Chou =) and the wall at the back has a huge picture of i also dunno who, but very pretty girl haha. i bet the teachers get distracted by that girl even when they are teaching. and the board next to the white board is filled with so many magazine cutouts of celebrities that if you happen to get bored listening to chem, you can turn your head a little to look at the beautiful pictures of BoA, Jolin, Gary Cao Ge, Fahrenheit, Dongbangshingi.. just to name a few.. oh heavenly!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

time for cake yet?

hmm anyone in the mood for cake?

realised that we havent celebrated birthdays since the beginning of this year! well excluding ms nair's cake. i was supposed to get another done after siok's bday cos that would mark the passing of another 6 people's bdays.

so now july come le. another month with many many people's bdays. must eat cake again!
are yall ready for cake? or is everyone still full from the cake in may? hmm maybe this time around we do something special instead of having birthday cake. lets have birthday something else.
what do yall wan?

hmm bday salad? bday sushi? bday soup? bday brownie?

oh and anyone in the mood to cook? i feel like cooking but my oven wun work =(

Monday, May 21, 2007


Sunday, May 13, 2007


tuesday was ms nair's birthday. (which sorta meant i couldnt pon school on monday even if i really wanted to -.- haha) i was a wondrous affair, with nice broken cake and many purple notes. somehow so many people chose purple paper..or was it cos i cut more purple paper than other colours haha. if only there was time then everyone can have a look at the 25 things we love about ms nair =) shall i post it here? i thot since its her 25th bday we should give her 25 things we love about her haha..and i thought i was going to die thinking of 25 things but they just kept coming, and just all the small things that came to us (michelle and I) we just put it in and it looked quite great haha what i loved most about that board: it was overflowing with notes! <3
who took that picture? POST IT!

tuesday was civics class, it was a foody affair. with lotsa cream rolls, chocolate rolls (and nice cake - yilin baked the cake, with cheese cinnamon nuts and i dunno wat other delicious stuff, it was just very delicious! haha). i saw myself getting very filled... (and very happy too) sugar is the best way to start a morning! but best of it wasnt the sugar, its the great movie =) Ms nair showed us Tuesdays with Morrie. I think we all found it nicer than any globalisation documentary. We finished watching it on wednesday, and first time nobody complained to go off early.. we were so quiet after the show finished that ms nair got quite uncomfy =p great movie. great to fill GP blocks with such movies. maybe our GP block next week will be filled with "pursuit of happiness". then more nice movies. rocks.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

allow me....

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